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Focusing in continuous innovation and taking pride in our experience, creativity and constant search for vanguard creations, we offer a wide range of finishing, weaves, knitting, length, dyes, and colors. There is always the possibility to create one of a kind fabric constructions, new styles based on specific needs. This way, we provide added value to each one of our clients, striving constantly to increase customer satisfaction. Pieltex main goal is meeting and overcoming every client’s fabric needs.


We have a great variety of colors and textures.


Our logistics distribution is located among the most advanced in the textile industry.


The quality of our products, represent us worldwide.

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We specialize in manufacturing and distributing, plush fabrics, with a wide variety of colors and textures, such as sherpa, velboa, velor, towels, Beaver imitation, sheep imitation, corals, animal skins imitation designs, polar, dubetina, prints, and a long catalog available to our customers.

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PIELTEX, S.A. DE CV -specialized in plush fabric import and production- is an innovative company in the textile industry, created in the early 60´s as the first and only one of its kind, not only in Mexico, but through Latin America as well.

Pieltex is undoubtlessly Mexican market´s leading manufacturer in plush fabrics, providing textile material to all kind of industries, such as: clothing, shoes, toys, decoration, cleaning products, beauty products and many other industrial areas. For more than 50 years, we have developed a wide range of styles, lengths, colors and textures. Our team hires the most qualified employees, who work only with forefront materials at a Factory that counts with almost 100 high-tech machinery, accomplishing the highest quality possible, always at accessible and reasonable pricing.

To achieve success, Pieltex counts with 60,000 sq/ft of workspace , that produce almost one million meters each year, working 24 hours a day, 6 days a week.

We proudly supply to more than 300 companies all around the world.

It is one of our main missions to establish strong and long lasting relationships with every company that relies on Pieltex as a supplier for all their fabric and industrial requirements.

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Pieltex produce plush fabrics, which has many uses, ranging from industrial use to daile uses such as clothing, toys, decorations, application of materials, cleaning products and beauty products.

Likewise, we specialize in manufacturing and distributing, plush fabrics, with a wide variety of colors and textures, such as sherpa, velboa, velor, towels, syntetic beaver, sheep, corals, based on various animal skins designs, polar, dubetina, prints, for bonding and a long catalog available to our customers.

We have the best and newest technology in the industry, to ensure the highest quality in our products.

We acquire our materials from the most qualified suppliers around the world.

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  • Address: Centeotl 172 Fracc. Industrial San Antonio, Azcapotzalco
  • México, D.F.
  • Phone: (55) 5561 2622
  • Email: contacto@pieltex.com.mx

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